About me

I have been a software developer for more than a decade. I worked in Advertising, the Travel industry, and universities serving local and multinational companies both as employee and as an independent consultant in Software Engineering, Marketing, and Product.

I want to transparently share ways to implement real projects based on real-world experience.

While I do not claim to always have the best answers, I believe you can learn from watching every step of a real project developed transparently in front of you.

I am currently based in Berlin. You can connect with me on twitter

I learn better looking at real-world projects. I decided to record these projects so that others can learn from them. From beginning to end, without omitting any steps.
Jesus Mejuto Instructor and Founder, Fromzerotofullstack

Intermediate or expert, learn new tricks from seeing projects from begining to finish

We show code and application on video, without omitting any steps.

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