Resources for Argparse

A library to parse command-line arguments


We implement our own command in Python and distribute it via pip with pip install sheet2graph.

The command takes spreadsheets files (csv, xlsx) as input, and generates images (png, jpg, svg) based on the data contained.


We will add our first command line flags/options.

• Using argparse to parse commandline arguments and generate help
• Optional and required flags
• Add input file and graph type options
• Graph different graph types
• autogenerated help
Here we add an option for different output locations.

• Using argparse to parse commandline arguments and generate help
• Combine options to output with a filename and with a folder
• Precendence of command flags
We will add output options to specify the size of the generated graphs.

• New option for output size
• Default and custom graph sizes
We will be making our command a bit friendlier, improving the default behaviour with informative messages for the user.

• New option to print help of command
• Print version of the command
• Default behaviour. No flags prints the version and exits
• Testing the output of our command with os.system and subprocess

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