Resources for Plotly

A Python library to plot graphs


We implement our own command in Python and distribute it via pip with pip install sheet2graph.

The command takes spreadsheets files (csv, xlsx) as input, and generates images (png, jpg, svg) based on the data contained.


We save out first graph from the spreadsheet data.

• Installing Plotly to generate graphs
• Pip freeze requirements
• Solving dependency problems
• Using Pandas to do simple data processing
We will add our first command line flags/options.

• Using argparse to parse commandline arguments and generate help
• Optional and required flags
• Add input file and graph type options
• Graph different graph types
• autogenerated help
We add Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) output support.

• Add several output formats (svg, jpg, png) to our command
We will check everything is working so far and add extra options to set the axis labels to a custom user-defined value.

• Debugging broken tests and making all tests pass after all our changes
• Adding an x label and y label options to our command, to specify the labels in the horizontal and vertical axis
• Debugging column types in pandas
• Using exceptions to deal with unreliable cases

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